The complexity of the human mind extends far beyond our understanding. Our experience creates the perceptual realm in which we each subjectively exist. Thus we have only that, our perspective. Certain profound experiences, moments, or feelings can draw our consciousness away from this perspective, and allow us to view reality from “Out of Body”. This album is a tribute to the outside perspective. In this modern world, the experimental drive of mankind will continue to push and change the boundaries of musical creativity. However, in the swirling tornado of new and experimental electronic music, a consistent, warm, and bright light shines. Metasine’s “Out of Body” stands not to change electronic music but rather to alter the perspective through which this music is understood. Predominantly downtempo, “Out of Body” is a one-hour journey that combines the essences of funk, electro, and dubstep in a very calm and relaxing way, completely changing ones perspective of these genres. 90-100 bpm downtempo beats synthesized of wobbling LFOs, groovin’ samples, complimented by ethereal pianos and strings, all concreted together by clean percussion and thumping basslines. “Out of Body” combines styles established by artists such as Pretty Lights, Gramatik, and The Polish Ambassador in a way that truly takes the listener out of body, creating an atmospheric reality of good vibes and thumping grooves. So take the journey, allow Metasine’s music to penetrate your soul, and experience the view from “Out of Body”.